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At Varin, we are nurturing potential and fostering excellence through our “Varin Advantage” educational practice and ensuring education based on global standards with contemporary learning tools to achieve high academic standards. To achieve the motive of education, we are providing educational facilities:



An effective pedagogy is to construct a well-structured teaching module. Pedagogy is the science of teaching or education. At Varin, our pedagogy focuses on how teaching and learning occur. We use an array of teaching strategies that include direct instruction, collaborative learning, and inquiry-based learning. We aim to blend consistency and variety in teaching methods by combining established learning theories with innovative practices and programs. All of which help students to improve their learning outcomes and achieve their full potential.


Our teaching methodology is more centric over outcome-based. This helps to identify the progress of students made after a specific learning activity which will help them to identify and fill the gap between existing learning and their desired learning process.


The outcome process followed by the school is learner-centric in order to make more impact on the life of Students. We aimed for learning outcomes, like:-

  • Proficiency in all subjects, especially in English, Maths, and Science, so that students can cope up easily with the benchmark set by global learning standards.
  • Makeable students to think more critically and analytically.
  • Use of Digital and Visual means in learning, so that students will be more familiar with future technology.
  • Make students ready for the development of the 21st century, by enhancing their skill of Communication, Collaboration, Leadership, Personal and Social Responsibility.

Core curriculum

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Our Core Curriculum process provides students with the knowledge needed by the Peculiar Indian Education system. However, we are going forward, step by step, by using simple learning processes and techniques to ensure the correct way of learning to our students. Some of these are innovative lesson plans, engaging students through activities, workbooks and worksheets, regular assessments, remedial classes and finally formal clarifications.


  • We are using the list of Books for teaching to students prescribed by the National teaching framework and according to ICSE standard syllabus.
  • We are using the learning process by indulging annual plans, regular lesson plans, activities, workbooks and worksheets to ensure a systematic flow of education.
  • As a social part of our core curriculum, we ensure that our learning processes are embedded with cultural values, morals, and ethics. So that students can lead themselves to be leaders of next-generation.
  • By introducing the Co-Scholastic learning process, we are giving students countless opportunities to show their non-academic talents, including, dance, music, art, yoga, dramatics and many more.
  • Through Standard Library Program, such as Reading Book of different authors and reviewing books are encouraging our students to have a good habit of reading throughout their life. In this process, we are doing 15 books reading campaign and the winners are awarded medals and certificates.
  • Under the Standard Assessment process, we are assessing the day to day’s progress of students by highly experienced and trained teachers which provides a uniform scale to measure academic performance.
  • We are providing a structured Physical Education program with experienced and trained PE Teachers and instructors which is followed to identify talent for participation in Inter / Intra school events and activities.
  • At Varin, every class has equipped with ICT and MX Touch which ensure clarity of concept and better understanding and retention of learning.
  • At Varin, we are encouraging our students by focusing more on global competencies. We are helping our students to compete in “The Olympiad”, and academic world championship based on Math and Science.
  • We have activity-based education programs also that is Yard Stick and Abacus. Under these programs, we make the students learn not only through regular study but specified activity also. We believe that a child can remember and learn things easy through activity also.
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