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Adjusting to a Residential life can be an unnerving experience for any child. Being uprooted from familiar surroundings and living away from home, family and friends are often difficult to cope with and if not handled well can adversely affect the child in the future.

We at Varin International Residential School believes that the institution can play a vital role in easing out the separation process and help in smoothening the transition from a day scholar to a boarder. We have in place, a system that is geared to make those few weeks and months easier for children where everything they encounter is new, bewildering and different from what they are used to and help them reach a comfort zone. Our supporting staffs works relentlessly to ensure that the journey from being a new boarder to an experienced border is an effortless one for the student as well the parents.

The School appreciates the importance of students sharing their lives with friends from other parts of the country, as this forms an important part of their lives. At this school, the sense of community is always prevailing. The faculty and students know each other by name; the social environment is compassionate, congenial, and conducive to growth. The residential life at the School is formative and memorable.

The school has separate accommodation for boys and girls, with separate lockers for everyone. It also has facilities for various indoor and outdoor sports, dramatics, field trips and excursions.

The school has a well-equipped medical facility and impeccable round the clock security arrangements. Wardens and residential teachers, who are experienced in pastoral care, attend to the personal development of the students.

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Other more facilities providing at Varin International Residential School


A common cause of concern for most parents of boarders is the food. Our dorm parents understand the importance of a healthy diet in the growing years and monitor the eating habits of all children personally and make certain that the child receives complete and balanced nutrition.

Hygiene and quality are absolute priorities and the food is fresh, wholesome, nutritious and plentiful. Special Cuisines are often in store made freshly by our specialised Chef team and all meals are served under the supervision of Mess Management Committee.

Dining hall is specious and bright place and can accommodate more than 500 students at a time.


We ensure that the student does not feel any sense of displacement in a new surrounding way from parents as our staff is thoroughly trained and prepared to make available to your child a home away from home. The students are cared for at all times; all teachers, in addition to dorm parents, care not only about their subject area, but also about how each student is coping.

The staff and the facilities on campus, specially the residential programme and the supervision system it uses, all work together to offer an atmosphere that is warm and caring. Many teachers reside in the campus and are on call day and night throughout the week.

Our boarders therefore can avail the benefits of quality, all round education and personal attention from teachers at their convenience.


The rooms in the hostel are in the form of Dormitories with comfortable, secure and ample space. The school has separate accommodation for boys and girls. The boarding house wing consists of multiple dorm halls – arrangement aimed to stimulate inter dependence & brotherhood. The shower cum toilet blocks are attached to the dorm halls and are broad and well maintained with keeping in view of hygiene.


Keeping in view of medical needs, school have a full-fledged medical infirmary, where child are taking at most care by an experienced and well-trained medical staff nurse. Doctor is also visiting regularly. Apart from this, we have tied up with local specialised hospitals where we can shift the child in case of medical emergency.

Medical Infirmary


The in-house laundry facility ensures that the washing requirement of the students is taken care of. Identification tag for the clothing and large wash bins ensure high standards of hygiene.



The recreation hall is the space where indoor games can be played along with a projector facility where inspirational movies and educational videos are screened. Picnic and guided tours are also conducted from time to time. During festivals and others special days, fun activities are organised.