Health, Safety & Security

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At Varin, we ensure a healthy, safe and secure learning environment, where students can freely get learning process which helps them to compete in a global standard. We strictly believe in Safety first.

In this process, we have the Health and Safety committee, which comprises the Principal and two senior teachers who are regularly monitoring the health and safety of students on the campus. Apart from the committee, we have a Children’s Protection Committee, where there are four members, Principal, a parent, the Head Boy / Girl and school administrator, looking forward to the protection of the child in the school.

We have installed Suggestion / Complaint boxes at various entrances, have been addressing personally by the Principal on a regular basis.

To ensure more and centralized security, we have CCTV Surveillance of complete campus, including classes. The complete monitoring and recording have been done under the supervision of the principal.

Apart from the above safety measures, we have introduced children as well as parents ID Card facility. Every child, staff and visiting parent has to wear an ID card compulsorily inside the campus.

At the main gate entrance, we have an impeccable Security checkpoint where any Staff, Visiting Parents or visitors have to confirm their identity to enter the campus. Any Parents / Visitors' entry is restricted to the office area only. We are strictly not allowing any unsupervised interaction between the children and visitors within the School campus and during the school hours.

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